SYJO was formed in 1986 under the direction of jazz legend, Bobby Wishart. The band is recognised as one of the foremost youth jazz orchestras in Europe, having performed at international festivals in the USA, Poland, Switzerland and South Africa. Former members are now some of Scotland - and the UK's - finest professional jazz performers.

SYJO1 performs regularly in Glasgow, and has performed throughout the UK and abroad. Highlight performances over the years include Glasgow and Edinburgh Jazz Festivals, Wigan Jazz Club, Edinburgh Jazz Bar, Glasgow Blue Arrow Club, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and the famous Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. SYJO has also participated in national music festivals winning Gold, Platinum and Outstanding Soloist awards at regional and national level.

SYJO members tend to be aged between 16-26 years and are some of Scotland’s most talented young jazz musicians. 

Applications are welcome at any time but the best time to apply is just before each new season. Details are always updated on our News page.

To give an approximate idea about the standard SYJO works at, applicants should already have attained a minimum level of around Grade 8 and above on their instrument.  Some members join SYJO1 while still at school, while others in the band are students (non-music and music degree students). You can see the band on our YouTube Channel, Strathclyde YJazz.

Although you do need to be working at this kind of level for our most advanced band, you don't need to have grade exam certificates to apply.  It is much more important to us that you are able to sight read very well and have experience of jazz performing at an advanced level.

If you already play some jazz but you are not yet ready for SYJO - or if you are completely new to improvising - there's still plenty opportunity in Strathclye Youth Jazz. We have a range of different groups, including SYJO2 and SYJO Jazzschool.


SYJO meetings take place fortnightly at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.




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