Jazzschool 2018-19

SYJO's popular Jazzschool is back. If you want to learn to improvise and play some jazz, get in touch!

You don't need to have passed any Grade exams to apply, but you do need to be playing at least around Grade 5 and above. Many of our jazzschool students are playing at Grade 6 and above but are new to improvising. Some of our students at Grade 5 already play jazz in school or student bands, but want to learn about improvising and soloing. Others are new to jazz playing, but love to listen to jazz and want to learn.

You can join Jazzschool on any instrument - you don't need to play a traditional jazz big band instrument. 

Message us on Facbook at, or use the link below to apply online, or email Tell us as much as you can about yourself, your interest in jazz and about your music so far.



SYJOJAZZSCHOOL  offers weekly jazz improvising and performance opportunities to young musicians.  

JAZZSCHOOL gives you a chance to learn more about jazz and develop improvising skills, away from band rehearsing. Many of our SYJO2 and SYJO members like to come to Jazzschool to develop soloing ideas and practice improvising techniques, so we accomodate young musicians at all stages in jazz.

JAZZSCHOOL members get the highest quality tuition, and opportunities to play with some great young players in a fun, relaxed environment. 

Who Can Apply? Young musicians who play any instrument can join Jazzschool.

Jazzschool members tend to be working around ABRSM Grade 5/6+ and tend to have some jazz experience. But if you are very keen to learn jazz and have little or no previous experience of jazz improvisation, we're happy to hear from you, too! 

How can I get involved? Sessions take place weekly, usually during Spring and Summer terms on Wednesdays from 6pm – 8pm at the University of Strathclyde. In 2017-18, Jazzschool may also run sessions in the autumn term.

Apply online here or email SYJO General Manager, Tricia Barlow